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What I do:

I can provide photographs for your website either using images from my own collection or by shooting to order.

I use a professional SLR camera and I can shoot on location either using available light or with my own portable studio lights. For smaller items I can work from home, again using natural light or the studio lighting. I will hire a studio when necessary, although like most photographers I have learnt to improvise and work round most problems.

The images above show some of website photographs and I have chosen them to show the variety of work I do, from portraits and location work to technically difficult shots like violins and artworks. Some of the images link to the websites where they are used.

I am proficient with photoshop and can creatively manipulate images to produce a varity of effects, although taking a good photograph in the first place is better than trying to correct mistakes later.

I can also shoot to order and I have a growing collection of images taken in and around Sheffield and in the Peak District. I have set up a simple website using flickr as an easy an economical for users to update their own images.

It contains a selection of my images. I also sell through Alamy Stock photography by Eric Murphy at Alamy

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