martin decent

Martin Decent is a well known Sheffield artist. This site includes an online shop using paypal, a very economical way for Martin to sell his prints. His original works are showcased here, but because of the rapid turnover of his paintings Martin sells from gallaries or from home.

solas gallery

A website for the talented photographer Colin New.

Colin’s work is very diverse and ranges from his dark melancholy landscapes to his ethereal flower studies. “I photograph what gives me an emotional response. All my pictures – even the commissions – become personal pictures. They are all autobiographical in some way or another – it’s a sort of hidden autobiography.

keith hayman - artist

Mark Bartley is a craftsman who repairs and restores sliding sash windows. He often works on older buidings in and around the Peak District, but will travel further afield if necessary.

As well as designing the site I took the photographs.

taylors dental care

Sharrow Vale Dental Care have been clients for several years and when it was decided to update the site I spent some time photographing the premises and the staff, fitting in around their busy working schedule.

dementia authors

I'm very pleased to be associated with this site which gives a voice to people suffering from dementia. Anthes McKinlay contacted me through an advertisement I put in the John Muir magazine and this is the result. We have never met, all correspondence is via e-mail and the very occasional phone call.

It has a special relevance for me because my father and mother-in-law both suffered from dementia.


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