What are the initial charges?

The first part of the cost is getting a domain name registered . This is the address of the website - mine is www.ejmweb.co.uk. Then the site has to be hosted somewhere, that is it is held on a computer called a server and delivered to someone when they type in the address. You are seeing this page because my server is sending it to you and I pay an annual rent for this server.

I charge £70 initial set up with a .co.uk name and a year's hosting and then after the first year £60 a year for hosting and automatic domain name renewal. There are other options, .com/.org etc which are slightly more expensive.

You now need a web site writing.

What does it cost to write the website?

It depends upon what you want. My sites cost typically from a few hundred pounds up to about a thousand pounds, more if the site will have an e-commerce section.

Each job has to be individually assessed as the amount of time I have to spend will depend on the complexity of the site, the amount of work spent on image manipulation and text editing and the variations requested by the client.

Because I am a freelance designer working from home I can keep my overheads and therefore my prices down. If you need a commercially critical site with 24/7 support then you will have to pay a larger company for this.

Will people find the site?

It depends! The whole area of being found by search engines like Google is called search engine optimisation (seo) and is a complete business in itself, just type "seo" into Google to see what I mean.

I write sites that are as search engine friendly as possible and I have some sucess eg, using Google, type in "cottage la briere" to find one of the sites.

However there are a lot people spending a lot of money to be on page one of Google for their "key words". If you want to compete, then you may have to spend the money as well.

Ways of improving your chances of being found will form part of our initial discussions.

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